Falisha Karpati – Finding Your Place and Thriving in the AltAc Space

We always want to project into the future as the best possible version of ourselves. But we often fall into the trap of setting our goals based on what we’ve been told we should aim for, or what we see our neighbors aiming for. A big part of enjoying our time in graduate school depends…

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Pedro Resende – When The Choices You Don’t Make Take You Where You Want to Go

They say “if  life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” But what if life gives you the proverbial lemons, you press them, and apple juice comes out? In this episode, Pedro Resende shares with us how he came to be a researcher after a stint in industry, and how after accepting some hard noes from the…

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Mark Crandall – Rising Up From Negative Self-Talk

What makes some people impervious to adversity? What kind of super-power do they have that allows them to get up after a major hit and find the will power to lick their wounds and come out fighting? This week, hear Mark Crandall tell his story of beating the odds and show us how we all…

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