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Papa PhD Pearls of Wisdom – 2019 Season

For the last episode of the 2019 season of Papa PhD, instead of an  interview, we’re bringing you some of the best advice our guests have shared so far, so enjoy the insights, take the opportunity to go listen to the earlier episodes, and remember to rate and leave a comment on your podcast app,…

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Fábio Rosa, Gil Costa, Patrícia Monteiro – Taking Opportunities and Blazing Your Own Trail

This episode is a special one – it was recorded live with three guests who were speakers at the 2019 edition of BEBday, a meeting organized by the students of my PhD program at the University of Coimbra, Portugal – the BEB PhD Program. This year’s edition brought a group of scientists who had a diverse…

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Kelly Bullock – Pivoting From the Bench to a Creative or an Artistic Career

There is always one day when reality hits. Your well devised trip, that you’d been planning for months, or for years, falls short of your expectations, of what you had imagined. The disappointment you feel may bring you thoughts of packing up and heading back home… Or you can pick up your map and look…

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