Fábio Rosa, Gil Costa, Patrícia Monteiro – Taking Opportunities and Blazing Your Own Trail

This episode is a special one – it was recorded live with three guests who were speakers at the 2019 edition of BEBday, a meeting organized by the students of my PhD program at the University of Coimbra, Portugal – the BEB PhD Program. This year’s edition brought a group of scientists who had a diverse…

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Margaret Magdesian – Finding Balance in the Eye of the Storm

How easy is it to be a female scientist? How easy is it to be a female founder and CEO? How easy is it to find work/life balance when you wear both of these hats and are building a family, too? In this episode, you will be hearing from Margaret Magdesian, founder and CEO of…

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Chris Kent – Leveling Up Into Entrepreneurship

It’s never too late to follow your calling. Depending on where you are in life, there are many ways you can reorient and choose a new path for yourself, be it getting a second degree, growing your minor or a hobby into your main focus or getting a certification in your domain of interest. This…

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