About the Podcast

Do you wonder what career you can aim for with a graduate degree? Do you fear you’ll be unemployable as a PhD or after a postdoc? If these are questions you ask yourself, Papa PhD will help you dispel them by bringing you the career journeys and insights of MSc and PhD graduates around the world on job searching, skills development, networking, entrepreneurship, mental health, and more.

David Mendes, PhD

Producer and host

Since completing my PhD in cell biology at the university of Coimbra, based on my research at McGill University, I’ve spent the past 11 years building my career in the medical communication and linguistic services industry.

After my PhD, I worked for 4 years as a Medical Writer in a medical communication agency, perfecting my writing skills and creating content for pharmaceutical sales training materials covering a wide range of therapeutic areas.

I have since started my own business offering linguistic  services – translation, revision, and connected services – in the biomedical domain.

Now a father of two, I am interested in exploring the different ways people have juggled professional and personal life after completing their MSc or their PhD.

Past Career Fair/Speaking Engagements