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Élodie Chabrol – La passion pour la science et pour la vulgarisation

Dans la vie, on peut se faire dire des tas de choses. Entre autres, on peut se faire dire qu’une de nos idées ou qu’un de nos projets est...

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Paulo Oliveira – Interfacing With the Public and With Industry as a Researcher

What does glitter have to do with mitochondria? This episode’s guest, Paulo Oliveira, might just have the answer for you. And it probably has something to do with science...

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Liliana Vitorino – Making the Choices That Are Good For You

The thought of transitioning into your professional life can be daunting at times. What is expecting me on the other side? Am I going to be happy? Will it...

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Falisha Karpati – Finding Your Place and Thriving in the AltAc Space

We always want to project into the future as the best possible version of ourselves. But we often fall into the trap of setting our goals based on what...

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Career Conversations – Setting Standards and Knowing Your Worth as a Researcher

Deciding to embark on graduate studies can be a big step to take. For a lot of you out there, it represents your first leap into independent life and...

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Pedro Resende – When The Choices You Don’t Make Take You Where You Want to Go

They say “if  life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” But what if life gives you the proverbial lemons, you press them, and apple juice comes out? In this episode,...

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Inês Thomas Almeida – A Winding Journey From Biology to Musicology

We’re fresh into a new year, and this time of year is one of re-evaluation, decision-taking, and renewal for a lot of you out there. This week, you’ll hear...

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Papa PhD Pearls of Wisdom – 2019 Season

For the last episode of the 2019 season of Papa PhD, instead of an  interview, we’re bringing you some of the best advice our guests have shared so far,...

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Joana Lobo Antunes – Crossing Borders Across Countries and Fields of Study

Life isn’t a straight line. In particular, professional life is not as much of a straight line as it was in the past. As scientists, as researchers, the path...

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Featured Guests

Communicatrice Scientifique

Élodie est une communicatrice. Et elle est passionnée par la science et sa vulgarisation. Avec un doctorat et des recherches postdoctorales en neuroscience, sa vie professionnelle a pris un tournant quand elle a reçu un courriel à propos d’un festival de vulgarisation scientifique. Depuis, elle met à profit ses talents en matière de communication scientifique au service de la communauté et de la connaissance.

Researcher, Science Communicator

Paulo’s scientific passion is mitochondria. Ever since he fell in love with the organelle cell’s powerhouse, he not only focused his research on it, but eventually went on to start a business around it, too. And today, he’s topping all of that up with a series of science outreach initiatives where he brings knowledge about mitochondria and his research to the community around him.

EMEA Product Manager

Liliana’s journey is one of reflection and choices leading to growth and self improvement. A stint as a sales representative at the end of her PhD gave her a taste of the non-academic space and piqued her interest for marketing and, eventually, management. She is passionate about her work and her family, and is ever the student, always looking to learn new skills and improve on the old ones.

Skills Development Professional

Growing up, Falisha was curious about everything. She started learning music and dance at an early age, and this, combined with her taste for learning, brought her, eventually, to a PhD looking at the brain of people formal training in dancing. Today, she puts her neuroscience background to use developing training and resources for graduate students and post-docs.

Doctoral Researcher, YouTubeR

Stefanie has fallen out of love and back in love with research. Currently finishing her PhD in skin cancer, she has a clear idea of where she wants to go professionally and thrives in sharing this clarity with her peers through the medium of her YouTube channel and by taking active part in her institute’s and her university’s career and placement activities and governing bodies.

Researcher and Entrepreneur

Pedro’s past as a semi-professional team captain has shaped him and the way he approaches life and its challenges. He thrives on getting people around a table to build projects that bring value to communities and to society. Today, Pedro does stem cell research while at the same time developing and managing different initiatives that are close to his heart and to his values.

Doctoral Researcher Musicology

A dedicated mom and curious by nature, Inês has had an atypical career path that led her from the biological sciences to arts, with many a detour in between. Having sung opera on a stage and founded a cultural and community support NGO in Berlin, she is currently working towards her PhD in musicology.

Science Communicator

Joana started her scientific academic journey with a bachelor’s in Pharmacy. Her inquisitive mind led her to a PhD in organic chemistry and to a first experience abroad. Eventually, Joana came back to Portugal and through different contacts and following her different interests, she ended up developing a particular set of skills around science communication.