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Projeter les jeunes chercheur.e.s dans des carrières d’avenir avec Rémi Quirion

La semaine où je célébrais le 200e épisode de Papa PhD, j’ai eu le plaisir d’interviewer un invité d’honneur – Rémi Quirion, le scientifique en chef du Québec –...

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The Power of Mentorship During a Career Pivot With Anushka Khasnobish

This week on Papa PhD, I’m sharing the story of someone I’ve had the pleasure to mentor during her PhD to non-academic job transition – Anushka Khasnobish. I want...

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De Cap PhD 2021 à Cap Docteurs 2022 avec Claudine Pierron et Marc Chevalier

Cette semaine sur Papa PhD, une enrichissante conversation avec Claudine Pierron de l’APEC et avec Marc Chevalier, ami du podcast et champion de la promotion du succès professionnel des...

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A Roadmap to Pivoting Into the Private Sector With Terence Milstead

200 episodes… I couldn’t have imagined I’d come this far when I launched back in 2019, but a little over 3 years in, it feels almost surreal. If you’re...

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Unlocking Your Thesis Writing Super Powers with Martha Boeglin

Do you struggle to sit down and write your thesis? Is the process painful to you? Then join me in this interview a specialist, a “thesis whisperer” of sorts...

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Using SciComm to Make a Difference with Albertha Joseph-Alexander

On this episode of Papa PhD, I bring you my recent conversation about science communication with Albertha Joseph-Alexander and about how scicomm has impacted her researcher career. If you...

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La thèse comme base solide pour mieux se connaître avec Julie Lopes

Cette semaine sur Papa PhD, je t’apporte ma récente conversation avec Julie Lopes, accompagnatrice de doctorant.e.s. La thématique – profiter du doctorat pour mieux se connaître et profiter de...

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Influence and Leadership Positions – a How-To With David Giltner

On this episode of Papa PhD, I bring you my conversation with returning guest David Giltner about opportunities and obstacles PhDs face when accessing influence and leadership positions in...

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What mistakes are keeping you out of industry? With The 2nd Lab

Welcome to another collab episode of the PhD Dojo with The 2nd Lab. VIDEO This week on the PhD Dojo, Gad Sabbatier and I answer another great question from...

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Featured Guests

Scientifique en Chef du Québec

Rémi Quirion est un chercheur québécois en neurosciences. Auteur de plus de 750 publications dans des revues scientifiques reconnues, il est l’un des chercheurs en neurosciences les plus cités dans le monde et récipiendaire de nombreux prix et distinctions.

En juillet 2011, il est nommé scientifique en chef du Québec par le gouvernement du Québec devenant ainsi le premier à assumer la fonction.

Il est le premier dirigeant des Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQNT, FRQS, FRQSC) et préside, depuis septembre 2011, le Réseau international des scientifiques en chef et conseillers scientifiques (INGSA). Il devient ainsi le premier président francophone de cette organisation qui regroupe plus de 5 000 membres répartis dans environ 110 pays.

Innovation Evangelist | Scientific Writer

Anushka Khasnobish oversees scientific communications as Innovation Evangelist at TCS research. In 2021, she graduated with a doctorate from Okayama University, Japan. Her research was in the field of microbiome sciences where she worked on establishing a link between the community of microbes in our saliva and non-oral diseases. At this moment Anushka is trying to learn as much as she can about scientific communications, photography and a little bit of French language.

Since the penultimate year of her PhD, she has been working with Useful Science contributors, editors and podcast hosts to break down research papers into bit-size useful summaries that one can incorporate in their lives right away. Anushka has a great desire to leverage her scientific experience and personal skills in projects involving scientific communications, intellectual property rights and science outreach.

Head of Qualitative Insights

Terence Milstead received his Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning in 2008 from Florida State University where his research was focused on factors that influence people to invest time, money and emotional energy into upgrading their dwellings, even in unstable housing markets. 

After completing his Ph.D. Terence started down the academic career path. However, after a few years he realized that a full-time career in academia was not what he had envisioned. So, in 20014, he transitioned to private sector, research-based consulting, relocating to the East Coat. But the path from academic to private-sector consultant was a crooked one and didn’t happen overnight. In this episode Terence shares how he came up with a transition plan that ultimately led him to his current position as Head of Qualitative Insights at a global strategic consulting firm based in Washington D.C.

Thesis writing Coach

When she wanted to write her thesis in Philosophy, Martha Boeglin was paralyzed for many months by the fear of the blank page.

One discovery changed her life: writer’s block is part and parcel of the writing process – and there are lots of creative writing techniques to overcome them.

Once she overcame that initial writer’s block, she was able to write her thesis – and wrote it in a wave of euphoria. And once she got her PhD, she created Scriptoria, the writing workshops for PhD students in 2002.

Its goal? To make writing a thesis easier: when you know the right techniques, writing is no longer a chore – it can even become a source of joy.

Science Communicator

Dr. Albertha Joseph-Alexander has a PhD in Plant Science from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, in Trinidad and Tobago.

Albertha has a natural ability to tell stories and as a result, her enthusiasm for science communication allows her to simultaneously enjoy science and storytelling while disseminating knowledge for the benefit of society. Presently she is producing her first documentary.

Coach holistique et mentor

Julie Lopes est docteure en microbiologie reconvertie dans l’entrepreneuriat auprès des étudiant·e·s, doctorant·e·s et docteur·e·s.

Sa mission est de les accompagner vers une expansion d’eux-mêmes afin qu’ils choisissent un avenir dirigé par leur cœur plutôt que par la peur !

Director of User Experience & Web Strategy

Kweli Zukeri was born and raised in Falls Church, Va. He has a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication and minor in social entrepreneurship from UNC at Chapel Hill, as well as an M.S. in Psychology (2018) and Ph.D. (2021) in Developmental Psychology from Howard University. Both his master thesis and dissertation focused on exploring the impact of African-centered school-based programming on American African student racial and cultural identity, as well as American African student learning. Prior to his recent graduate studies, he also studied ancient African/Kemetic language for 2 years in Howard’s department of Africana studies, and has been a facilitator of the Egypt on the Potomac Field Trip of Washington, D.C., for the last decade.


Neuropsychologue belge formée à l’Université Libre de Bruxelles, Charlotte Hendryckx réalise depuis septembre 2019 un doctorat Recherche et Intervention en neuropsychologie clinique à l’Université de Montréal (Québec, Canada) sous la supervision conjointe de Pr Carolina Bottari au CRIR et Pr Nadia Gosselin au CEAMS.

Charlotte accorde aussi une grande importance au transfert de connaissances et à la vulgarisation scientifique, dans son projet de thèse et sur le traumatisme crânien en général. Elle donne ainsi des conférences cliniques et je diffuse mes résultats au domaine scientifique, afin de sensibiliser le plus large public possible.


In my continued search for new science podcasts, I happened upon Papa PhD, hosted and produced by its creator David Mendes.

This podcast has wonderful interviews with those who’ve completed their PhD’s where they talk about what brought them to the path they are currently on in their career.

When it comes to thinking about networking and thinking outside the box as far as next steps after your PhD program, this is the podcast to subscribe to.Read article here.

Suzanne C. Miller – Managing Editor, Integrative & Comparative Biology

« Il y a beaucoup de conseils de carrière judicieux dans chacun des podcasts.

Le parcours des intervenants est diversifié, tant académique que professionnel.

L’intervieweur laisse un bel espace aux intervenants et pose des questions pertinentes aux moments opportuns. »

François T. on Podchaser

Your podcast series is like a treasure mine for me 🙂  Every time I listen to one episode I find someone I want to connect to.

I don’t know how I will be implementing the feedback and guidance I have received so far from all the connections from your podcast series, but at least I know I really am enjoying connecting with new people.

Especially knowing that someone is involved in a job they are really happy in and that they have carved for themselves is so inspiring.

Anushka K. – Doctoral Researcher at Okayama University