Mental Health

Inês Campos Costa – Taking the Turn No One Expects

The biggest entrepreneurs are mothers in underdeveloped countries, figuring out creative and innovative solutions to ensure their families’ sustainability. We use sexy terms associated to tech and industry, but entrepreneurship is not “just for the illuminated” – it starts within. Inês believes that by becoming the finest version of ourselves we are the best agents…

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Inês Thomas Almeida – A Winding Journey From Biology to Musicology

Join the Papa PhD Postgraduate Career Exploration Group! We’re fresh into a new year, and this time of year is one of re-evaluation, decision-taking, and renewal for a lot of you out there. This week, you’ll hear Inês Thomas Almeida’s recount of 20 years starting in a biology bachelor’s and leading to a PhD project…

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Abel Polese – Building a Career – Failure by Failure

Can life be made exclusively of successes? Can you find fulfillment in a job that pays well but is not aligned with your values? Does every postdoc get to be a professor? In this episode of Papa PhD, we address all these important questions and much more, as we talk with Abel Polese about his…

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