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What is the Impact of AI on Higher Education? With Tim Dasey

This week on Beyond the Thesis With Papa PhD we will be discussing “What is the Impact of AI on Higher Education?” with Tim Dasey, author of the book...

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Making Impact in Research Through Science Policy With Adriana Bankston and Jamie Vernon

Welcome to Beyond the Thesis With Papa PhD, the podcast that delves into the diverse and impactful roles scientists can play beyond the lab. In today’s episode, we explore...

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Flourishing in your PhD and Beyond With Amal Abuzeinab

Welcome, friend! This week on Beyond the Thesis With Papa PhD, I’m bringing you a fascinating discussion on adaptation, resilience, and flourishing as a PhD with my guest – Amal...

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Prévoir sa carrière : Si on acceptait l’imprévu ? Avec Olivier Cadeau

Bienvenue à ce nouvel épisode d’Au-delà de la thèse avec Papa PhD ! Cette semaine, je parle du rôle du hasard dans les parcours de carrière avec Olivier Cadeau,...

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PhD Dojo – A PhD and Then What? with Gad Sabbatier

Welcome to another collab episode of the PhD Dojo with The 2nd Lab. In this new episode of the PhD Dojo, Gad Sabbatier and I chart the current PhD job...

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Supporting and Inspiring Graduate Students with Emma Brodzinski

Welcome to another episode of Beyond the Thesis with Papa PhD! This week, I’m bringing you an inspiring conversation with someone who runs another great podcast for graduate students...

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L’astrophysique à la portée de tous avec Nathalie Ouellette

Bienvenue à ce nouvel épisode d’Au-delà de la thèse avec Papa PhD ! Cette semaine, j’ai le grand plaisir de t’apporter ma conversation passionnante avec Nathalie Nguyen-Quoc Ouellette. Nathalie...

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A Career in Continuing Medical Education with Alexandra Howson

Welcome to another episode of Beyond the Thesis with Papa PhD! This week, I’m talking medical writing, specifically continuing medical education, with my guest, Alexandra Howson. With Alex, we...

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PhD Dojo – Zotero versus Mendeley avec Sarah Perrier (Rediffusion)

Pendant mon doctorat, j’ai découvert et utilisé Mendeley pour gérer mes références. Dans cet épisode du PhD Dojo, un trésor de la voûte Papa PhD, Sarah Perrier et moi...

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Featured Guests

Teacher and Leader Professional Dev.

Dr. Tim Dasey has a long history in AI and learning science, and recently published the book “Wisdom Factories: AI, Games, and the Education of a Modern Worker.” After thirty years at MIT leading AI development for diverse government needs, Tim leapt into education due to concern that minds won’t be ready for the jobs that remain human. He has a smidge of teaching experience at corporate, higher ed, and K-12 levels. Dr. Dasey has atypical perspectives on the future of schooling built from a blend of AI expertise, experience with many industries, depth in the science of learning and judgment, and more than a decade leading development of game-based learning tools.

Educator - International researcher

Dr Amal Abuzeinab is the Institute Head of Research Students (IHRS), Institute of Architecture, De Montfort University, UK. Amal is currently supervising 3 PhD students, supervised 4 PhD students successfully to completion, and examined 4 PhD students. She served as the Co-Faculty Head of Research Students (FHRS) for the faculty of Arts, Design, and Humanities between 2017-2020.

Psychologue de l'Éducation Nationale

Olivier a commencé sa carrière professionnel il y a 20 ans. D’abord comme pâtissier-chocolatier, il est ensuite devenu technicien de la construction puis moniteur auto-école. C’est en se questionnant sur ce qu’était l’apprentissage et pour aider au mieux les élèves qu’il a découvert la psychologie. Tout en continuant à travailler à temps plein, il a commencé son parcours universitaire à distance. Après une licence et un master en psychologie du développement, il est devenu psychologue dans l’Éducation Nationale. Aujourd’hui, il est en doctorat en neuropsychologie de l’enfant en parallèle de son activité de psychologue à l’école.

Lecturer | Therapist | Coach

Dr Emma Brodzinski is the host of The PhD Life Raft Podcast. She is Research Associate in the Department of Drama, Theatre and Dance at Royal Holloway, University of London and practices as a therapist registered with HCPC. She is an experienced PhD Supervisor and Examiner and has also acted as viva committee independent chair. Emma runs a range of courses and events as well as providing well-being support programmes for doctoral training programmes. Most importantly she is a mum to 13 year old triplets, cats Fred and Ginger, and Amber the guinea pig!

Communicatrice Scientifique

Nathalie Nguyen-Quoc Ouellette est astrophysicienne, communicatrice scientifique et amoureuse de l’espace! Après avoir obtenu son doctorat en 2016, elle s’est lancé dans la communication et la gestion de projets scientifiques. Elle intervient fréquemment dans les médias canadiens comme analyste et contributrice sur tout ce qui touche à l’espace. Elle organise et participe également à des événements de rayonnement scientifique d’échelle locale à internationale, afin d’encourager l’intérêt et la participation des jeunes et du grand public aux sciences spatiales et d’accroître la culture scientifique au Canada.

Medical Writer | Podcaster

Alexandra Howson PhD is a medical writer, educator, and podcaster. A former trauma operating room nurse, Alex was faculty at the universities of Aberdeen and Edinburgh in Scotland for a decade, where she taught undergraduate and graduate courses in the sociology of the body, gender, and health. She left academia in 2004 and subsequently built a thriving freelance medical writing business in the USA that specialized in creating content for continuing education in the health professions. Alex now shares her deep expertise in health care and education with new-to-the-field medical writers. Through courses, coaching, and community, she teaches writers how to confidently create education content for health professionals and build a sustainable CME/CE writing niche.

Pharmacien | Communicateur

Olivier Bernard est pharmacien depuis 2004 et Fellow de l’Ordre des Pharmaciens du Québec depuis 2022. Il est détenteur d’une maîtrise en recherche dans le domaine de la pharmacogénétique. Depuis 2012, il s’implique en vulgarisation scientifique, en tant qu’auteur et illustrateur du site web Le Pharmachien et des livres du même nom.

Behavioural scientist | speaker

Merle van den Akker finished a PhD in behavioural science and left academia to become an applied behavioural scientist in the financial services. She has blogged and written a book about her experiences inside and outside of academia, and how to make the most of both worlds!


In my continued search for new science podcasts, I happened upon Papa PhD, hosted and produced by its creator David Mendes.

This podcast has wonderful interviews with those who’ve completed their PhD’s where they talk about what brought them to the path they are currently on in their career.

When it comes to thinking about networking and thinking outside the box as far as next steps after your PhD program, this is the podcast to subscribe to.Read article here.

Suzanne C. Miller – Managing Editor, Integrative & Comparative Biology

« Il y a beaucoup de conseils de carrière judicieux dans chacun des podcasts.

Le parcours des intervenants est diversifié, tant académique que professionnel.

L’intervieweur laisse un bel espace aux intervenants et pose des questions pertinentes aux moments opportuns. »

François T. on Podchaser

Your podcast series is like a treasure mine for me 🙂  Every time I listen to one episode I find someone I want to connect to.

I don’t know how I will be implementing the feedback and guidance I have received so far from all the connections from your podcast series, but at least I know I really am enjoying connecting with new people.

Especially knowing that someone is involved in a job they are really happy in and that they have carved for themselves is so inspiring.

Anushka K. – Doctoral Researcher at Okayama University