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Falisha Karpati – Finding Your Place and Thriving in the AltAc Space

Join the Papa PhD Postgraduate Career Exploration Group! We always want to project into the future as the best possible version of ourselves. But we often fall into the trap of setting our goals based on what we’ve been told we should aim for, or what we see our neighbors aiming for. A big part…

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Joana Lobo Antunes – Crossing Borders Across Countries and Fields of Study

Join the Papa PhD Postgraduate Career Exploration Group! Life isn’t a straight line. In particular, professional life is not as much of a straight line as it was in the past. As scientists, as researchers, the path we follow is determined by our choices, but also by our collaborations and by opportunities that arise along…

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Abel Polese – Building a Career – Failure by Failure

Can life be made exclusively of successes? Can you find fulfillment in a job that pays well but is not aligned with your values? Does every postdoc get to be a professor? In this episode of Papa PhD, we address all these important questions and much more, as we talk with Abel Polese about his…

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