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Simon Landry – Un trajet en recherche et en communication en français

Pourquoi faire une maîtrise ? Pourquoi faire un doctorat ? Tout ça peut paraître bien compliqué et bien difficile quand on termine notre baccalauréat. Une conversation avec un professeur...

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Kirsten (Dr. Kiki) Sanford – Following the Passion of Science Communication

If you decide to embark on the graduate studies journey, you may find yourself telling stories. Stories about ideas, stories about science, stories about stories. You will focus and...

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Adriana Bankston – From PhD to Science Policy

Leaving the bench doesn’t necessarily mean leaving science and the scientific community altogether. A rich universe of activities exists that are closely related to academia, be it within universities...

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Chris Kent – Leveling Up Into Entrepreneurship

It’s never too late to follow your calling. Depending on where you are in life, there are many ways you can reorient and choose a new path for yourself,...

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Tamarah Luk – Taking on Further Studies After Grad School – Law

Sometimes, when you finish your studies you get a job, or you start a business. Sometimes, you go back to school. Be it because you want to go to...

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Kelly Bullock – Pivoting From the Bench to a Creative or an Artistic Career

There is always one day when reality hits. Your well devised trip, that you’d been planning for months, or for years, falls short of your expectations, of what you...

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Adriana left the bench but stayed close to research and to the scientific community by embarking on a science policy career. On her way there, getting involved in national organizations played a major role in terms of skills, but also networking.

Featured Guests

Director Medical Affairs

Drew has a deep-seated passion for cancer research dating back to his grad school and postdoc days. With a career path that saw him evolve in the governmental regulatory domain and at WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, Drew has found his way to a position where he can put to use the full gamut of skills he developed along the way.

Area Studies Specialist, Author

Abel has a non-conformist approach to life and to his career. With a PhD in the social siences and having specialized in the domain of area studies, he believes that balance in the personal and professional sphere can be attained by tailoring your career to your goals, to your personality, and to your values.

Associate Director, Global Gene Therapy Research

Simon thrives on intellectual challenge and on scientific research. His focus and determination show in his work as much as in the hockey rink, and having now transitioned from academia to industry, he has devloped a new set of skills around team work and leadership in the pharma domain.

Directrice de programme en développement international

Virginie est une passionnée des gens. Cette passion très tôt, dans son parcours académique, pris la forme de l’application de ses connaissances en agronomie tropicale dans des pays en développement d’Amérique du Sud et d’Afrique. Tellement qu’elle en a fait une mission de vie et une carrière.

Chief Innovation Officer

During his PhD in neurology and neurosurgery, Sathy started looking into potential career avenues outside research. The people he met and the conversations he had led him into the knowledge transfer and innovation space, and eventually to his current position in the area of global health.

Montreal Litigator Turned Youtuber

David has a passion for photography and film that goes back to his teenage years. Having studied philosophy to then become a lawyer, he loves discussing ideas and and takes pleasure in explaining legal concepts to non-lawyers. And that’s precisely what he does on his Youtube channel.

Courtier de connaissances

Après un doctorat en audiologie, Simon a compris qu’il voulait avoir un impact sur la vraie vie, sur les gens, dans sa vie professionnelle. Son trajet l’a amené à une carrière où il a réussi à associer cette passion à son amour pour la francophonie et pour les communautés francophones isolées.​

Science Communicator

Dr. Kiki’s love of nature brought her into the scientific research world. A communicator and a performer from a young age, she never stopped looking for platforms where she could popularize the scientific knowledge she acquired,  eventually making science communication her full time job.