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Looking Back On A Season of Papa PhD – Conversations, Reflections, and Common Themes

Download “Tools for Your PhD Journey” Now ! Episode transcript: Hi there! We’re reaching the end of season one of Papa PhD and today, I just wanted to thank...

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SciComm Roundtable – Part 3 – Can policy Makers Tip the Scales Hand in Hand With the Scientific Community?

This is the third and last part of the special series on science communication during the COVID-19 pandemic. The world is still very much fighting and trying to understand...

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SciComm Roundtable – Part 2 – The Role of Academics and Scientific Organizations in the Fight Against COVID-19

This is the second of a 3-part series that will close the first season of Papa PhD. The world is still very much fighting and trying to understand the...

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SciComm Roundtable – Part 1 – Scientists and the News Cycle – What The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Taught Us So Far

This is the first of a 3-part series that will close the first season of Papa PhD. The world is still very much fighting and trying to understand the...

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Graydon Snider –Part 2 – Building Your Path Towards Data Science

In part 2 of my conversation with Graydon Snider, we dug a little deeper into his rationale for exploring career avenues during his postdoc. The strategies and resources he...

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Graydon Snider – Part 1 – Designing The Academic Path That Fits You

Do you know what it means to be a data scientist? This domain that is attracting more and more PhDs is fairly new, and looking at the job postings...

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Jean-Sébastien Provost – Partie 2 – Accéder au domaine de la science des données

Dans cette deuxième partie de ma conversation avec Jean-Sébastien Provost, on a parlé du chapitre postdoc de son trajet académique et de comment celui-ci l’a propulsé vers la carrière...

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Jean-Sébastien Provost – Partie 1 – De la psychologie aux sciences biomédicales

Cette semaine, je vous apporte une entrevue à propos d’un domaine où les détenteurs de doctorats en sciences sont très en demande – la science des données. Pour en...

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Athina Zampara – Part 2 – Leveraging Your Skills in Project Management

In part 2 of this week’s interview, Athina Zampara tells her story of investing in learning as an adult and of building her CV to eventually find a position...

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Featured Guests

Startup Manager / Career Advisor

Marc Chevalier, PhD, est Startup Program Manager au sein de la Direction de l’Innovation à l’Institut Pasteur, Paris. Il est docteur en neurosciences. Il a poursuivi sa carrière en alternant postes scientifiques et entrepreneuriat, tout en étant fortement impliqué dans des projets associatifs visant à faciliter la mise en réseau et l’évolution professionnelle des doctorants/docteurs dans le secteur privé ou en dehors du milieu universitaire. Il co-pilote également un groupe d’échanges de pratiques autour de la carrière après un doctorat  au niveau national regroupant une vingtaine d’établissements universitaires!

Research Scientist

Rebecca holds a PhD in Educational Psychology from McGill University, Montreal. Over the past 10 years, she has developed and contributed to projects in graduate skills and employment, stress and social support during transition periods, motivation, engagement, and human behavior. Her work focuses on the skills of PhDs and on how they can foster innovation within and outside the academy. She also provides skills and career development workshops for PhDs.

CEO, Recrutement de PhD

Amandine Bugnicourt est ingénieur de l’INSA Lyon en biochimie et biotechnologie et est titulaire d’un doctorat en microbiologie, biologie moléculaire et cellulaire de l’Université Paris 7 – Denis Diderot.  Convaincue de la valeur ajoutée que les doctorats peuvent apporter à des entreprises dans des postes de haut niveau, mais aussi consciente des difficultés que rencontrent certains d’entre eux pour rechercher et évaluer ces profils, elle a cofondé Adoc Talent Management au début de l’année 2008.

Team Leader in banking

Dr Chris Humphrey is a project manager and careers consultant, and the founder of the popular careers website Jobs on Toast. Chris completed his PhD in Medieval Studies at the University of York in 1997, and held a post-doctoral fellowship there until 2000.

Since leaving academia, Chris has worked as a project and programme manager in the private sector, specialising in technology, transport, financial services and sustainability. Today he works as a team leader and project manager for a leading European sustainable bank.

PhD Researcher - Podcast Host

Danni Reches is a PhD fellow and research associate at the Haifa Center for German and European Studies at the University of Haifa. She received her BA in Middle Eastern Studies from Leiden University in the Netherlands. Danni also holds a BA certificate in Peace & Conflict Studies and an MA degree in Diplomacy, a specialization in International Relations, from the University of Haifa.

Data Scientist

Graydon has always loved numbers. His curiosity and his analytical mind brought him into the domain of chemistry, where he stayed up to his postdoc. Formerly a student of atmospheric chemistry, Graydon carried an interest in numbers between various pursuits. His hobbies include running and juggling, occasionally at the same time.

Scientifique des données

Jean-Sébastien Provost détient un doctorat en science biomédicale de l’Université de Montréal. Plus précisément, il a étudié la contribution des régions fronto-striatales dans les processus exécutifs en utilisant l’imagerie par résonance magnétique fonctionnelle. Après un postdoctorat et 3 années à travailler comme associé de recherche, il a fait le grand saut dans le milieu de l’industrie en tant que scientifique des données.

Project Officer at the EC

Athina Zampara comes from Greece and has lived and worked in Brussels, Belgium, for 10 years. Athina has an interdisciplinary educational background having studied Physics, History and Philosophy of Science, Italian language and Education. After a stint in the e-learning industry, she has worked as Project Manager and now holds a position as Project Officer in the European Public Administration.


In my continued search for new science podcasts, I happened upon Papa PhD, hosted and produced by its creator David Mendes.

This podcast has wonderful interviews with those who’ve completed their PhD’s where they talk about what brought them to the path they are currently on in their career.

When it comes to thinking about networking and thinking outside the box as far as next steps after your PhD program, this is the podcast to subscribe to.Read article here.

Suzanne C. Miller – Managing Editor, Integrative & Comparative Biology

Your podcast series is like a treasure mine for me 🙂  Every time I listen to one episode I find someone I want to connect to.

I don’t know how I will be implementing the feedback and guidance I have received so far from all the connections from your podcast series, but at least I know I really am enjoying connecting with new people.

Especially knowing that someone is involved in a job they are really happy in and that they have carved for themselves is so inspiring.

Anushka K. – Doctoral Researcher at Okayama University