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Engaging Through Comedy With Vikie Pedneault

This week on the Beyond the Thesis with Papa PhD, I’ll be talking science popularization and humor with my guest, Vikie Pedneault, a.k.a. Biolovik! A biologist, an entrepreneur, a...

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PhD Dojo – Should I Do a Postdoc? with Gad Sabbatier

Welcome to another collab episode of the PhD Dojo with The 2nd Lab. In this new episode of the PhD Dojo, I talk with Gad Sabbatier about the question of...

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The Stuff You Don’t Plan For (But Should) With Jacob Kendall

Jacob Kendall was trained as an academic and was on the tenure track, when a lot changed. He underwent a second heart surgery, started a couple of businesses, left...

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Mobiliser par l’humour avec Vikie Pedneault

Cette semaine sur le direct Au-delà de la thèse avec Papa PhD, je parle vulgarisation scientifique et humour avec mon invitée, Vikie Pedneault, a.k.a. Biolovik ! Biologiste, entrepreneure, humoriste,...

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Navigating Engineering and Manufacturing as a Woman with Sirisha Kuchimanchi

The pace and lifestile in manufacturing and engineering is different from what you find in academic research. So is the culture. Namely, they have been male dominated spaces, historically....

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When Time Comes to Leave Your PhD With Stephanie Fuccio

Are you deciding whether or stay in your PhD program or to leave? In this episode of Beyond the Thesis With Papa PhD, Stephanie Fuccio shares her experience of...

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Célébration 100 000 écoutes de Papa PhD

Bienvenue sur ce nouvel épisode d’Au-delà de la thèse avec Papa PhD ! Cette semaine je partage avec toi ma conversation avec mes invités – Marc Chevalier, Dominic Sicotte,...

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Leveraging Your Degree in Medical Writing With Rebecca Tadokera

Are you feeling stuck, wondering what career options are available beyond academia? In this episode of Beyond the Thesis with Papa PhD, Dr. Rebecca Tadokera shares her journey from...

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Making an Impact With a Career in Fundraising With Kenna Barrett

Does the NGO world interest you? And did you know that the job of Fundraiser ranks no. 17 in US News Best Business Jobs? This week on Beyond the...

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Featured Guests

Behavioural scientist | speaker

Merle van den Akker finished a PhD in behavioural science and left academia to become an applied behavioural scientist in the financial services. She has blogged and written a book about her experiences inside and outside of academia, and how to make the most of both worlds!

Career consultant for internationals

Kate Dahl is the founder and career consultant for her company, Career Denmark ApS. She is an American who has lived and worked in Denmark for many years. She has helped many international job seekers successfully find and secure their dream role in Denmark.

journaliste scientifique

Bruno Lamolet est rédacteur en chef adjoint des Débrouillards, un magazine de vulgarisation scientifique pour les jeunes. Auparavant, il a écrit sur la science pour divers publics adultes, y compris la communauté universitaire. À la télé, iI a été recherchiste pour la série de vulgarisation en technologie Comment ça marche ? (Z télé et Discovery Channel). Il est aussi l’auteur d’une formation destinée aux scientifiques sur la communication en congrès par affiche et à l’oral. Il détient un doctorat en biologie moléculaire et un certificat en journalisme de l’Université de Montréal.

stratège en communication scientifique et environnementale

Vikie Pedneault est biologiste, entrepreneure, humoriste, improvisatrice, communicatrice.

Elle a fait son secondaire en arts de la scène, puis
son baccalauréat en biologie, pour finalement devenir
entrepreneure et humoriste à temps perdus.

Communicatrice et vulgarisatrice professionnelle,
elle cumule les formations continues en psychologie
de l’environnement, communication et humour.

Career coach | Social worker

Jacob Kendall was trained as an academic and was on the tenure track, when a lot changed. He underwent a second heart surgery, started a couple of businesses, left his job, got married, his father got very sick (and eventually died), he moved twice, started another grad program, and had his first child. Needless to say, this is a lot of change in little time.

Entrepreneur & Speaker

Sirisha is the founder of “Sahita” a Global community for South Asian Women for Career & Financial Empowerment. She hosts the Podcast “Women, Career & Life” and the Radio Show “Life Beats with Sirisha”. Her mission is to provide practical ideas and resources for women to further their career & life goals as they strive toward financial independence.

Sirisha is a former Global Engineering & Manufacturing Executive from Texas Instruments, a Fortune 200 company. She co-chaired the Tech & Manufacturing Women’s ERG which supported over 500 employees across 3 continents and 8 countries. Sirisha is an immigrant from India and earned her doctorate in Materials Science & Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.

Podcast strategist

Stephanie is a Podcast Content Shaper who is determined to help thought leaders get their message to the right audience with a combination of podcast, newsletters and videos. She’s an American living abroad for over 20 years, a coffee addict and a lover of stories in any form.

Career Coach | Civil Engineer
Rebecca is a medical communications professional who has made a successful transition to the field after spending more than 12 years working as a research scientist in academia. Rebecca holds a PhD in clinical immunology and a Master of Public Health from the University of Cape Town and has worked as a Senior Research Scientist and Research Specialist in a number of academic and public health of institutions in South Africa.
Rebecca is the founder and CEO of ScieHealth Communications, a boutique medical writing and scientific communication consulting company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Rebecca is passionate about science communication and its potential to positively impact society.


In my continued search for new science podcasts, I happened upon Papa PhD, hosted and produced by its creator David Mendes.

This podcast has wonderful interviews with those who’ve completed their PhD’s where they talk about what brought them to the path they are currently on in their career.

When it comes to thinking about networking and thinking outside the box as far as next steps after your PhD program, this is the podcast to subscribe to.Read article here.

Suzanne C. Miller – Managing Editor, Integrative & Comparative Biology

« Il y a beaucoup de conseils de carrière judicieux dans chacun des podcasts.

Le parcours des intervenants est diversifié, tant académique que professionnel.

L’intervieweur laisse un bel espace aux intervenants et pose des questions pertinentes aux moments opportuns. »

François T. on Podchaser

Your podcast series is like a treasure mine for me 🙂  Every time I listen to one episode I find someone I want to connect to.

I don’t know how I will be implementing the feedback and guidance I have received so far from all the connections from your podcast series, but at least I know I really am enjoying connecting with new people.

Especially knowing that someone is involved in a job they are really happy in and that they have carved for themselves is so inspiring.

Anushka K. – Doctoral Researcher at Okayama University