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Être persuasif dans notre recherche d’emploi avec Alexandra Martel

Télécharge la “Boîte à outils pour le doctorat” maintenant ! Qu’est-ce qu’Aristote a à voir avec ta recherche d’emploi ? Pourquoi devrais-tu utiliser des stylos de couleur pour écrire...

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Being a PhD Researcher and an Entrepreneur With Jessica Steinberg

Do you have a business idea based on your PhD research? A consultancy or a deeptech project? Well, you are not alone. A lot of PhD researchers out there...

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Building a More Diverse and Inclusive Academia With Shaz Zamore

Welcome to episode 100 of the Papa PhD podcast! In a lot of the conversations I’ve had in past interviews here on the show, we have talked about how...

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Les docteur.e.s et le tiers secteur de la recherche avec Ewa Zlotek-Zlotkiewicz

Télécharge la “Boîte à outils pour le doctorat” maintenant ! Que deviennent les docteur.e.s une fois sortis du milieu universitaire? Quel est leur rôle dans le tissu socio-écomonique aujourd’hui?...

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Navigating the Corporate Space With Caolan Kovach-Orr

This week on Papa PhD, I’m talking with Caolan Kovach-Orr about his journey from the wet lab to a career in data science. During our conversation, we talked Caolan’s...

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Retelling Your PhD Career Story With Kerri Twigg

This week on Papa PhD, I’m bringing you my recent conversation with Kerri Twigg, career development coach, TEDx speaker, and author of “The Career Stories Method”. During our conversation,...

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Débloquer la rédaction de thèse avec Martha Boeglin

Télécharge la “Boîte à outils pour le doctorat” maintenant ! Cette semaine, j’ai le grand plaisir de partager avec vous ma conversation avec Martha Boeglin à propos de la...

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Following the Passion of Research with Mariana Vargas-Caballero

Many of my guests have talked about tuning into and pursuing your passion, when considering career options. In this episode, I talked with Mariana Vargas-Caballero about how she discovered...

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Talking Science to the Public and to Policy Makers with Mark Bayer

In this episode, I have the pleasure of talking science communication with former U.S. Senate and House of Representatives Chief of Staff and president of Bayer Strategic Consulting, Mark Bayer. During...

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Featured Guests

Policy Advisor, Communication and Open Science Section

Dr. Monica Granados is committed to making science more open and accessible. She is open science and data policy advisor at Environment and Climate Change Canada, she is on the leadership team of PREreview working to bring more diversity to peer review, she’s a Frictionless Data Fellow and is on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Open Data Society.

Chercheuses et créatrices du podcast Thésard-es

Thésard-es est un podcast sur les doctorant-es en sciences humaines et sociales, qui les fait parler de leur recherches en cours et de leur expérience de la thèse. Il est réalisé par Marianne Le Gagneur, doctorante en sociologie, et Jeanne Perrier, docteure en sciences politique.

Investor Relations Director in Pharma

Parag received his Ph.D. in Chemistry and Chemical Biology in 2013 from Cornell University where his research was focused on nuclear hormone receptors, steroid signaling, and metabolomics. Since then he has moved careers thrice first to consulting then to finance, and currently in pharma.

Consultante fonctionnelle dans le numérique

Actuellement, Marie Itoiz aime dire avec humour qu’elle entame sa troisième carrière professionnelle. Elle a été enseignante dans le secondaire en science de la vie et de la Terre, puis jeune chercheuse en histoire de la géologie avec un passage dans la valorisation du patrimoine scientifique instrumental.

PhD Candidate and Scientific Illustrator

Sarah Nersesian is a passionate researcher who loves to share scientific knowledge through illustrations and other visual communication strategies. She obtained her MSc in Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Queens University and is currently completing her Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology at Dalhousie University focusing on exploring the impact of intra-tumoural immune cells on tumour development and treatment responses. With her unique expertise combining scientific communication strategies with illustration and graphic design, Sarah founded Designs that Cell in 2017.

Media Production Company Owner

Wilf Nelson is a neuroscience PhD who now runs a media company that produces a number of shows on the brain, talking not only about what the research finds but also teaching their listeners to understand HOW the research is done.

Directeur général chez PhDTalent

Florian Andrianiazy est docteur en physique de l’Ecole Polytechnique. Il a soutenu sa thèse en mars 2015 qu’il a effectuée en partenariat avec Thales, une grande entreprise française d’aéronautique, aérospatial et défense. En janvier 2017, il co-fonde PhDTalent avec 3 docteurs. L’entreprise a pour but d’accélérer le rapprochement entre le monde académique et le secteur privé.

Director of Research at Committee for Children

Sherri Widen has an extensive background in investigating the development of childrens concepts of emotions. In 2013, she transitioned from basic research in developmental psychology to more applied intervention research in education settings with a focus on increasing childrens social-emotional skills to support their academic outcomes. In 2018, she joined Committee for Children as the Director of Research, to help children thrive through our social-emotional learning interventions.


In my continued search for new science podcasts, I happened upon Papa PhD, hosted and produced by its creator David Mendes.

This podcast has wonderful interviews with those who’ve completed their PhD’s where they talk about what brought them to the path they are currently on in their career.

When it comes to thinking about networking and thinking outside the box as far as next steps after your PhD program, this is the podcast to subscribe to.Read article here.

Suzanne C. Miller – Managing Editor, Integrative & Comparative Biology

« Il y a beaucoup de conseils de carrière judicieux dans chacun des podcasts.

Le parcours des intervenants est diversifié, tant académique que professionnel.

L’intervieweur laisse un bel espace aux intervenants et pose des questions pertinentes aux moments opportuns. »

François T. on Podchaser

Your podcast series is like a treasure mine for me 🙂  Every time I listen to one episode I find someone I want to connect to.

I don’t know how I will be implementing the feedback and guidance I have received so far from all the connections from your podcast series, but at least I know I really am enjoying connecting with new people.

Especially knowing that someone is involved in a job they are really happy in and that they have carved for themselves is so inspiring.

Anushka K. – Doctoral Researcher at Okayama University