Graydon Snider –Part 2 – Building Your Path Towards Data Science

In part 2 of my conversation with Graydon Snider, we dug a little deeper into his rationale for exploring career avenues during his postdoc. The strategies and resources he used, the people he met, the notes he took. I also took the opportunity to ask Graydon what the day-to-day of a data scientist looks like…

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Filipa Carreira Barbosa – Navigating the International Student Experience

Many of us leave home for grad school, to another city or even to another country. Some end up staying after graduation, some end up coming back home. Being an international student can be an experience in freedom and independence, but the fact that you are far from family and friends may be challenging, especially…

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Fiona Robinson – Listening to Your Inner Voice

Imagine swimming 1.9 kilometers, then biking 90 kilometers through the hills of Mont-Tremblant, and then running a half-marathon. It may sound impossible or a task for super-humans… But people like you and me set out to do it, diligently train for months and months, and they do it – they complete an IronMan, or in…

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