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Making Impact in Research Through Science Policy With Adriana Bankston and Jamie Vernon

Welcome to Beyond the Thesis With Papa PhD, the podcast that delves into the diverse and impactful roles scientists can play beyond the lab. In today’s episode, we explore the intersection of science and policy with our special guests, Adriana Bankston and Jamie Vernon. During our conversation Adriana and Jamie share their personal journeys from…

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Goal Setting as an Early Career Researcher With Kimberly Duong

It can be difficult projecting yourself into the future and setting goals when you are fully invested physically and emotionally with your PhD. Overwhelm and overwork are terms that come up frequently in conversation with PhD researchers, independently of their domain of research. In this Papa PhD interview, I talk with career coach Kimberly Duong…

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Getting Involved in Science Policy After Graduate School With Adriana Bankston (Rerun)

This week on Papa PhD and to mark the end of the year, I share with you the first of a series of three of the most popular episodes of the show since the launch, in 2019. In this early conversation with Adriana Bankston, we covered her experience going through graduate school, but also how…

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