Reshaping Your Career Through Change and Uncertainty with Katie Wedemeyer-Strombel

Hi! Before introducing today’s guest, and to celebrate two years of Papa PhD, I’d like to extend an invitation directly to you. If you have a question about one of the episodes of Papa PhD, or if you’d like me to connect you with the people you hear on the podcast, or if you’d like…

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Déboulonner les mythes de l’emploi après le doctorat avec Emilie-Jade Poliquin

Contribue à la production de Papa PhD sur Patreon ! Ou ravitaille David en café 🙂  Salut! Avant de te présenter l’invitée d’aujourd’hui, et pour célébrer les deux ans de Papa PhD, j’aimerais t’étendre une invitation, directement à toi. Si un des épisodes de Papa PhD a suscité chez toi une question, ou si tu…

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Filipa Carreira Barbosa – Navigating the International Student Experience

Many of us leave home for grad school, to another city or even to another country. Some end up staying after graduation, some end up coming back home. Being an international student can be an experience in freedom and independence, but the fact that you are far from family and friends may be challenging, especially…

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