Filipa Carreira Barbosa – Navigating the International Student Experience

Many of us leave home for grad school, to another city or even to another country. Some end up staying after graduation, some end up coming back home. Being an international student can be an experience in freedom and independence, but the fact that you are far from family and friends may be challenging, especially…

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Mark Roberts – Transferable Skills and Industry Jobs

You don’t embark in a master’s or a PhD without confidence. A trust, a confidence that you can delve into the unknown of a master’s or a PhD project and come out with answers to questions no one has asked before. This confidence is what fueled you so far. And during this time, it has…

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Joe Makkerh – Pushing Through Obstacles and Difficulties

You’re finishing grad school, or you’ve just finished. Your project has brought you here and now – it had challenges, victories, failures, obstacles, successes. It has brought you excitement, frustration, exhilaration, anxiety, satisfaction. In it, you have asked questions, tested hypotheses, studied, discussed. But one question may still be unanswered – what comes after? In…

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