This week on the Beyond the Thesis with Papa PhD, I’ll be talking science popularization and humor with my guest, Vikie Pedneault, a.k.a. Biolovik!

Vikie Pedneault

A biologist, an entrepreneur, a humorist, an improviser, a communicator, Vikie studied performing arts in high school, followed by a bachelor’s degree in Biology, before finally becoming an entrepreneur and humorist in her spare time.

A professional communicator and popularizer, she also has training in environmental psychology, communication and humor.

What we covered in the interview:

  • Business model and strategies for science communication
  • Using comedy to enhance communication and engage the audience
  • Techniques and examples of comedy in scientific presentations
  • Different approaches to comedy and resources for improving comedic skills
  • Navigating sensitive topics and being mindful of privilege
  • The importance of effective communication for driving change

This episode’s resources:

Thank you, Vikie Pedneault!

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